My expression is not through words, it’s through images. The world around us assaults me constantly with textures, events, with the punches and caresses of a chaotic reality… and I have to give them body. My work is a response to what they call being alive, alive and wagging my tail. The clue is in the creation of visual bodies, whether in my paintings or in the animations that throb with pirouettes in space; those textures, that universe that materializes in my work.

The violence, the caresses and the revealing colors of so many objects and women and men, dogs and vehicles live in the dynamic spaces of my experience and the recreation of all I’ve seen and done. I am thrilled by expressing what strikes and embraces me. And when the world becomes overwhelming and incoherent I have to free myself of its grip through sarcasm and irony. As most Cubans I manage to free myself of cheap melodrama with a sharp sense of humor. My work is a mixture of dramatic encounters and a constant mockery of what chokes or pretends to destroy me. And again, as most Cubans I live by destroying and recreating.

I do not work with sterile premeditation, I work sort of in a trance, an enchantment. I reject all that pretends to impose a phony harmony, an intellectualism that often assassinates true creation. I strive for the creation of narratives, not being confrontational but always playing with double meaning and humor, an earthly and sarcastic vision, where there is always the human element although it’s expressed through my subjectivity, through my eyes that incarnate and materializes space. Although I smell and touch and move around, I am expressing my world. It’s a struggle to release all that accumulates inside me so I can find liberation; I sweat with every stain, with every gesture… but never forgetting that truth is to be born and to die and be reborn with a joyous guffaw.

Reynier Ferrer