My work is a reaction to the world that surrounds me. Every aspect of my interaction with the day-to-day reality works as stimulus for my creation. The mix of colors, textures, sounds, movements, people, etc that I encounter in my everyday activity acts like punches or caresses in my mind and I constantly feel the need to translate them into paintings or animations.

My working process in the paintings is based on automatism and the use of subconsciousness.I try not to have any preconception when facing an empty canvas. I think about the act of painting as a sort of ritual or trance based on sensations and feelings.

I use to work in different paintings at the same time to develop a workflow lead by adrenaline and intense energy where randomness and improvisation are two key elements.

In my videos I aim at creating lively narratives always playing with double meaning and humor and offering an earthly and sarcastic vision. The results of my work are a mixture of dramatic encounters, where the human element is a constant presence although not always explicitly.

I assume my work as a form of self- knowledge and as a tool to understand what surrounds me. Informalism and expressionism inform my practice.